Export Processing Zone - Karachi

Export Processing Zones Authority is a project of the Pakistan Government to increase and improve the exports of the country. Pakistan’s industrialization and exports have been tremendously accelerated due to the EPZA Project. They provide exporters developed land with all the infrastructure facilities, cheaper energy, high optic-fiber network, guarantee of no-load shedding as it has its own grid station, an abundance of water & gas supply, and no restriction on foreign currency movement.

Only Flour Mill in Export Processing Zone, Karachi.

This is Pakistan’s first and only wheat processing unit located within Export Processing Zone, Karachi. The project is established on 2000 sq. yards at the Export Processing Zone and comprises of a single train unit with a capacity of 5,000 metric ton/month (60,000 ton/annum) for manufacturing and export of wheat flour and other products. As the Mills are located inside Export Processing Zones Karachi, providing benefit to the company that there will be consistent export of wheat flour without any restrictions.


Working with Export Processing Zones Authority has enabled E & U Foods (PVT) Ltd to produce top wheat products due to a secure, hassle-free, and market-friendly environment provided to them by EPZA. The partnership outlook has been positive, encouraging, and bright with constant growth for the future. This commitment to improve export volumes of Pakistan, create added value for our customers, generate employment opportunities within Pakistan, and improve the landscape of Pakistan’s wheat industry is a joint mission of both sides.