Step 1

Grain inspection and compliance with standards

Step 2

Cleaning and Conditioning

Step 3


Step 4

Blending and Bagging


E & U Foods (Pvt) Ltd has established a plant of 2000 square yards in the Export Processing Zone, which is the first and only one of its kind. This plant can work at a capacity of 5000 metric ton/month and is expected to increase capacity by 20% after debottlenecking. The mill will run machinery from IMAS, a Turkish company which is the world’s leading supplier of grain processing equipment.

Wheat Impact Scourer Imas

Stone Separator IMAS

Purifier Imas

Millenium Roller Mill


The plant will use state of the art technology acquired from manufacturing giant Milleral. Milleral has been manufacturing and installing machinery and turnkey plants for milling grains like wheat, corn, rye, oat to get semolina and flour since the past 27 years. E & U Foods (Pvt) Ltd plant will utilize this equipment in their milling to produce flour of the highest possible quality. Milleral’s products are sold all over the world and their high technology products help the plant to keep up with international standards of milling.