Step 1

Sourcing The Highest Quality Raw Material

We import our wheat from Argentina, South America and the Black Sea. We have carefully selected and partnered with suppliers whose values and vision aligns with our values. We make sure that are suppliers provide us with the highest quality grain and the farmers grow the crops responsibly and with care using sustainable techniques in farming. Our commitment to our suppliers and farmers is what differentiates E & U Foods from the rest.

Step 2

Process & Refine

The grain goes through refinement to reach its end product. The process is divided into 4 stages; sustainability and ethics are taken into great consideration in this whole process. Grain is first inspected and checked if it’s in complete compliance with international standards. After that the grain is cleaned and conditioned. Once this stage is done it is moved into Milling. The grain is then Blended and Bagged, it is now ready to be exported.

Step 3

Storage and Transport

We have the top facilities to store the product in the right temperature conditions and placement to make sure that the quality doesn’t deteriorate. Warehouses and silos store processed products until they are ready for further transport and distribution. Our partners provide us with the distribution facilities that allow us to move our product anywhere.

Step 4

Merchandize and Export

As we adapt to evolving market conditions, emerging consumer trends and a changing environment we believe that E & U Foods has the right team to deliver value for their clients. We have experienced marketers and producers using modern technology to create efficient and sustainable processes to export our product to you.