“E & U Foods Pvt Ltd will be creating products of the highest quality by bringing Milling Experience and Imports & Exports Capacity of the group. Our group is pioneer of many companies with use of research and technology to move ahead which we will do again. The important aspect is to create value for our partners and our clients as they are the sole reason of our growth.”


E & U Foods was founded in 2017 by combining the resources and expertise of the Elahi Group of Companies and UR Enterprise. The aim is to provide the best quality of wheat products in Pakistan and the global market.

E & U Foods manufacturing plant possesses the latest European technology equipment of IMAS (Milleral) with 200 metric tons production capacity per day. It is The FIRST AND ONLY Flour Mill in Pakistan at the Export Processing Zone thereby ensuring consistent availability and export of wheat.

E & U Foods we strive to deliver the best quality products to cater to the proper nutritional requirements for development and growth of body. With customer network spanning from Pakistan’s neighboring countries tot MENA, South Asia and South Africa, we adhere strict quality controls and hygiene practices to make the best product. Our team has collaborated with local flour exporters and have made connections with many potential customers in UAE, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Madagascar, among other countries. Raw material is sourced locally and internationally to maintain quality.

Our product portfolio has a wide range of wheat flour products that include Fine Flour (Plain Atta), Baking Flour (Maida), Semolina (Suji), Wheat Bran (Choker), and Whole Wheat Flour. The products are specifically made in accordance with the quality requirements of our clients ranging from manufacturers of biscuits, pasta, cakes, confectionery industry, bread & bakery products, pizza, and other household and consumer segments.


E & U Foods was established by joining the resources and expertise of Elahi Group of Companies and UR Enterprises, with its registered office at Plot No. 25, sector C-IV Phase 1, Export Processing Zones, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi. The company was incorporated in the year 2017 for setting up an industrial unit for the production of Wheat Flour and Allied Food Products primarily for exports from Pakistan.


Elahi Group of Companies is one of the leading business Group in the Country with strong footprint in logistics, steel manufacturing, trading, supplies, pharmaceutical and other business area. They are one of the largest traders and brokers in the local market of commodities for the past few decades with nation wise presence in terms of warehousing & logistics. Equity interest in pharmaceutical, transportation, aviation, meat processing, steel sector makes Elahi Group of Companies a well-diversified & established business house in the Country.


UR Enterprises currently operates two flour mills in Karachi to provide quality flour in the local markets of Pakistan. The combined total production capacity is 108,000 tons per annum. The company has a strong presence in the domestic market and client base includes:

  • Unique Foods (Dominos)
  • Broadway
  • Brady’s
  • Slice of Life
  • Bake Parlour
  • Classic Bread
  • AKU Hospitals
  • Other top tier restaurant outlets

Elahi Group of Companies and UR Enterprises are working together in Flour milling and commodity business since 2010, has now grown to new venture, E & U Foods. They have combined experience and achievements of over 15 years in the commodities and milling industry.